My name is Barnaba Mikułowski. I was born in Wroclaw in 1986. I graduated from the Eugeniusz Geppert's Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. I defended my master's degree at the Graphic Department in 2010. Since graduation I worked at the Academy. During the first years I worked in the Printmaking Department, currently at the Department of Media Arts in Multimedia Design Studio.

email: vaticinator at
phone: +48 509 105 747

Individual exhibitions:
2011 - "Elsewhere", Academy of Music in Wroclaw, Poland
2011 - "The 3rd Dimension of Drawing", exhibition of digital printing and animation, Gravity Club, Warsaw
2010 - Graduation Exhibition of Graphic Art, BWA Awangarda, Wrocław, Poland
2009 - Exhibition of Graphic Art, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca, Spain
2008 - Exhibition of Graphic Art, Cafe Kafka, Warsaw, Poland

Group Exhibitions:
2018 - "Permeation", TAFA, Tianjin, China
2018 - "Obraz poruszający”, Museum of Prudnik's land, Prudnik, Poland
2017 - The final gala of the "Timecode Akcja Animacja" competition, Warsaw, Poland
2017 - "3D - DER, DIE, DAS", palace in Königshain, Germany
2017 - "72 - 300 Design Inspiration", HBK Gallery, Braunschweig, Germany
2017 - "The Wroclaw School of Printmaking exhibition", Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2017 - "A Picture Set In Motion", DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Wroclaw
2016 - "Attendance", KINO Gellery, Lower Silesian Film Centre, Wroclaw
2016 - 70-year-anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw
2016 - "Locked in space / Enslaved in time", Divadlo pod Palmovkou, Prague, Czech Republic
2016 - "Coraz ciaśniej w naszej klatce", International Centre for Graphic Arts, Krakow, Poland
2016 - "Z Tarczą", City Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
2015 - "Locked in space / Enslaved in time", Polish Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015 - "Ostrale 2015", Dresden, Germany
2014 - "nfcdab" biennale of digital & internet art in Wroclaw, Poland
2014 - "Exhibition of Printmaking, Faculty of Printmaking in Wroclaw", Gdańsk, Poland
2014 - "Survival 12 - Art Review" (as a member of the Kontent art group),Wrocław
2014 - "In Search Of New Printmaking: The Polish Case", ArtZone 461 Gallery, San Francisco, CA/USA
2013 - "Cutting Edge Printmaking", Center for Applied Arts. Center for Innovation Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
2013 - "Poland Now 2013", Emporium Gallery, Knoxville, TN/USA
2012 - "The 5th International Drawing Competition", Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw, Poland
2012 - "The Wroclaw School of Printmaking", National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Tajwan
2012 - "The Wroclaw School of Printmaking", Galowice, Poland
2012 - "Printmaking and Education. Poland’s Art Universities", Krakow, Poland
2012 - "VROCLAVA - RIGA", Hall of The Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia
2012 - "7th International Triennal of Graphic Art Bitola", Bitola, Macedonia
2012 - V National Exhibition of Drawing Student, Coach House Gallery, Torun, Poland
2012 - "Drawing Limits", Municipal Gallery, Rzeszow, Poland
2012 - "Polish Art Exhibition", Australia
2012 - David Owsley Museum of Art, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA
2011 - "German XVIth International Triennil of Graphic Art Frechen", Frechen, Germany
2011 - "Metropolis Imprint '2011 ', Kubicki's Arcades at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland
2011 - "Secret Art" gallery dos Leões, Porto, Portugal
2011 - "Faces of Graphics", University Art Gallery, Adam Mickiewicz University, Kalisz, Poland
2011 - "Between", concept art for games, Wroclaw, Poland
2011 - "Young Art Biennale Wroclaw", ImpArt, Wroclaw, Poland
2011 - Exhibition of Printmaking, Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdroj, Poland
2010 - audiovisual show "The picture and sound," Hall of the Academy of Music Theatre, Wroclaw, Poland
2010 - Exhibition of Printmaking, Hotel Radisson, Wrocław, Poland
2010 - Exhibition of Printmaking, Thessaloniki, Greece
2010 - Exhibition of Printmaking, Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdroj, Poland
2008 - Animation Show "Clip", Apartment Geppert, Wroclaw, Poland
2007 - Exhibition of Printmaking, Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdroj, Poland
2007 - The exhibition "Images of Rozewicz" in multimedia part, Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, Poland

Prizes and Awards:
2017 - Finalist of the competition "Timecode Akcja Animacja"
2015 - First audience award at Ostrale '15, Dresden, Germany
2014 - Second prize at the ArtBuzz Challeng​e 2014​
2012 - First prize at the Triennale "Drawing Limits" in Rzeszow

Other achievements:
2014 - The co-founder of the Hacker Space Wrocław
2011 - The co-founder of the Kontent an informal artistic group
1999 - Founding vortal Internet, presenting works by young artists from different fields of art (

Participation in trainings, workshops and open air art:
2014 - Ars Electronica, Linz, Austia
2011 - Outdoor graphic intaglio printing studio in Duszniki
2010 - Outdoor graphic intaglio printing studio in Duszniki
2008 - Graphic design layout for multiplayer game, created in cooperation with the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Wroclaw
2008 - Participation in the workshop "Linking cultures: intercultural workshops thinking through the experimental implementation of the book" routed by Mr. F. Demir, Gonca Ilbeyi and Melike Tascioglu the Graphics Department of Anadolu University in Turkey
2007 - Outdoor Graphic intaglio printing studio in Duszniki Zdroj
2006 - Open air drawing and painting studio 207 in Luboradow

Programs and scholarships:
2008-2009 - Academy of Fine Arts Scholarship awarded for academic performance
2008-2009 - Study abroad under the Erasmus program (Spain, Cuenca)

Works in collections:
David Owsley Museum of Art, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA