Maybe it will be a game in a future.

Little update of Cybers

Work in progress. More... more... more... :)


Cyber gives a sense of someone's attentiveness and presence. Like the tamagotchi, it is something like an electronic pet. It differs in that it pays attention to us, and someone else's care is good but not necessary. Cyber observes the surroundings with interest and receives sounds coming from outside. Building a relationship with the viewer exposes new behaviors. It's a bit like an adventure with an unknown form of life.

Cyber Twins is an installation consisting of two twin multimedia objects, each imitating a separate form of life. Behind each object is advanced technology that allows it to analyze the image and sound live. Cyber Twins was created as the first important stage of the Observer Effect project.

"Lurking" song by very talented Graham Bole.

Thorgal - fan art

I recommend the Thorgal series ...not only for artistic reasons.

The Thorgal series was created by Jean Van Hamme and Grzegorz Rosiński.


Internet Art
The artwork is there:

Long time ago...

An artwork in the world of Saints.

Ugly Creature

ZBrushCore + Blender

Alligator Snapping Turtle

My digital sculpting training.


Retro-futuristic soldier.
Software: Blender.

Manufactory - concept art

Other side of building after click.

Locked in space / Enslaved in time - Again!

I am pleased that the exhibition Locked in space / Enslaved in time had its next installment. This time Prague!

23.05 - 06.06.2016

Little springboard...

Few works from "The Awakening of the Nature" series. Two old and three new.

You may drive out Nature with a pitchfork, yet she still will hurry back.

You can watch all in the gallery.

Locked in space / Enslaved in time

If someone till the end of January next year, visited the capital of Bulgaria, is invited to the exhibition "Locked in space / Enslaved in time" where I present my new project SpyBot.

Ostrale 2015

My latest installation can be seen at this year's review of the art Ostrale (Dresden, Germany).

UPDATE: I won 1st Audience Award. Thank you audience!

Fine design

As a part of the exercises and experiments.


Test the new attribute "Pointiness" with Blender;) For the uninitiated, the attribute has helped me to create material for hot coals. More here.

Witch concept

Concept created for another 3D animation. More about the animation soon.

New project: Intro

Last week I started working on a new project. This will be a very short animation / intro. I put the opening frame.


Storyboards for some animation ... There are no longer valid, because it will change the scenario (at least I can safely publish).

Humanity on LDS

A series of "Humanity" is presented using the new medium. Leia Display System. The effect can be seen at this address.

More about Leia Display System here .

MG ZR 160

Work in progress. Poison Elf front bumper.
Soft: Blender.

Work in progress

Work in progress.


Illustration created for the new issue of the magazine Kontent. The theme is "City - inflammation."

Next step...

Textures added.

Settlers of Magor - the first project.

Textures soon...
Software: Blender

As exercise.

Forest tales.

As exercise.

More works from the series.

Dark Matter #2 and #3

More works from the series.

The project was created for the magazine Kontent, which is reactivated after a long break. It was finally realized in silkscreen technique.

Biker Ape

The project was created for the magazine Kontent, which is reactivated after a long break. It was finally realized in silkscreen technique.

Start of serigraphy series titled "Dark Matter".

Dark Matter

Start of serigraphy series titled "Dark Matter".


With the Christmas break I was able to finish the next artwork :)

By contrast, I've finished the illustration.

Diablo 3 Funart

By contrast, I've finished the illustration.


The time has come to apologize to 3D graphics. I acted in this area out of curiosity, even on the occasion of interest WebGL. Previously, as a student, I spent long hours at the 3DS Max. After graduation, I decided that it makes no sense to continue this passion, because 3DStudio costs far too much ... During this time I observed the change in Blender. This is my first project that I made in the past week to learn how to use Blender. If anyone still wants to teach the program to edit 3D - Blender is a winning proposition.

Processing vs JavaScript

After a long play in the "Processing", I found a library THREE.js that is phenomenal! Suddenly, I have access to OpenGL (WebGL) and completely versatile working environment :) Even though I did not think JavaScript can such things.

I present two images that are the result of my work. If anyone is interested in technology, you can refer to: You can find a lot of examples. Best viewed in Firefox or Chrome.

Tests on the new fields (Processing)

I started to learn programming in processing. I think that soon I will share new achievements. Meanwhile, I put one screen of the application that I wrote.


I became involved in a local group Hackerspace :) Currently working on a logo.

If you live in Wroclaw you can join. More on wiki.


Trick or treat!


The first entry ... I set off with a blog :)